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Skistar – Åre Skistar – Åre Skistar – Åre Skistar – Åre Skistar – Åre

Skistar – Åre

In the footsteps of Giants

One of the first projects of a new strategic masterplan jointly developed by Ljusarkitektur, Skistar and the Municipality of Åre is a new skiing attraction in the ski resort of Åre. It’s a nighttime lighting concept for a family-friendly 3.5-kilometre slope called “In the Footsteps of Giants,” and was developed with author Mathias Knave. It is based on old Nordic tales of giants and trolls, and the concept includes glowing orange poles that refer to fire and lava beneath the surface, dynamic blue-hued general light that echoes the moonlight, sparkling rocks and hidden treasures. The effects are achieved with projections of ancient motifs and stories that remind skiers of the colourful past at the peak area around Åre.

Finally you ski through a tunnel of light – the transition between the giants’ and the man’s world. Other programmed light scenarios can also be used later in the evenings and in the early mornings when the lifts are not open. These fascinate visitors and villagers alike, and keep rumours alive about the giants said to live on Åre Mountain.

The extreme climate demanded rigorous long-term product monitoring and testing to ensure reliability of the easily operated system.

In its first season “In the footsteps of Giants” became a very popular attraction with hoards of visitors.



Category: Strategic lighting design
Type of project: Recreation
Commission: Lighting strategy and lighting concept for skiing experience
Client: Skistar, Municipality of Åre
Control system and support: Stockholm Lighting Company AB, Stockholm
Electrical Planning: Johnson´s El, Åre
Text/Story Concept: Mathias Knave
Photos: Mikael Silkeberg
Lighting Design Kai Piippo, Paul Ehlert, Joonas Saaranen, Janica Wiklander, Lina Färje
Status: 2011 and ongoing