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Axeltorv Axeltorv 2 - Photo: Mikael Silkeberg Axeltorv 3 - Photo: Mikael Silkeberg Axeltorv - Under the trees - Photo: Mikael Silkeberg Axeltorv - Detail - Photo: Mikael Silkeberg Axeltorv - Detail Crystals - Photo: Mikael Silkeberg Axeltorv - Areal - Photo: Mikael Silkeberg


Axeltorv is a small square in the heart of the historic town of Elsinore, Denmark. The square is well defined by a double row of lime trees, with the statue of Eric of Pomerania providing a focal point. In winter, when the trees lose their leaves, the light falls on the ground where it is most needed.

Four keywords express the project’s ambition: Authenticity, tranquillity, intimacy and mystery. The lighting scheme works with the seasons to enhance the trees in summer and the facades in winter. Mystery comes from an interactive sound and light installation where you can call a number to hear stories about the square. When you call, more than one hundred light points in the ground become ocean blue and suddenly show the way to the sea. The light points are created with fibre optics and the end-fittings are filled with Swarovski crystals.

“Axeltorv Lantern” is a multi-functional luminaire with a timeless design. It has been designed to illuminate the surrounding facades and the street and to create a soft glow within the crown of the trees. Taking seasonal changes into account contributes to a natural, authentic design. Now the square has a variety of light points, creating a hierarchy in the space while giving attention to the details. Fibre optics is also used for the illumination of the water fountain in an unusual way, given the fact that water can bend light.

The new installation uses 30 percent less energy compared to the previous floodlighting setup.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Public space
Commission: Lighting of square
Client: The municipality of Elsinore
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Deike Ladwig
Award: LAMP Award finalist 2011
Status: Completed 2009