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Biblioteksstan is an area of central Stockholm that includes Biblioteksgatan, Mäster Samuelsgatan, Jakobsbergsgatan, Smålandsgatan and Norrmalmstorg.

Architectural lighting design was used to improve the identity of this popular shopping area, since the previous lighting situation did not reflect the area’s architectural qualities nor its commercial and social potential.

The design highlighted public spaces by illuminating the façades with the wall-mounted fixtures. Its golden reflectors direct light to the opposite façade to create gentle and warm lighting that gives a sense of opulence and exclusivity. This complements the suspended floodlights that create rhythm and variation with carefully selected light distribution.

The wall-mounted and the suspended luminaires Opera and Bowl were custom-made for the project and both contribute to the exclusive identity of the area not only at night, but also in the daytime.

The 2004–2005 project created a model for cooperation between the city of Stockholm and property owners when it comes to project leading, financing, management and maintenance. Ever since, this model has been used several times for lighting projects in central Stockholm.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Public space
Commission: Street and façade lighting
Client: Hufvudstaden AB, Newsec, AP Fastigheter, Trafikkontoret i Stockholm
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Clara Fraenkel
Status: Completed 2006