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Entrances Birger Jarlsgatan 13-15 Hufvudstaden Hufvudstaden Hufvudstaden

Entrances Birger Jarlsgatan 13-15

The aim for the lighting design has been to create a nice ambience and make it easier to find your way as you enter the building. The entrances and staircases has been lit in a way that relates to the beautiful architecture and brings out the details. Exterior details are lit by linear LED luminaires that are shielded not to glare. From the outside the appearance is bright and welcoming due to the indirect lighting of the ceiling. In the staircases spotlights are highlighting the stairs and entrance doors and the ceilings are lit up. The painted windows are given a magic glow that creates a glitter effect.


Category: Architectural Lighting Design
Type of project: Office building
Client: Hufvudstaden Fastigheter
Lighting Design: Kai Piippo, Eva Persson, Lina Färje
Status: Completed 2011