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The installation inside the entrance to Gallerian, a shopping mall on Hamngatan, was developed to create a new meeting place in Stockholm’s main shopping area. The installation combines Scandinavia’s largest crystal chandelier, a sitting area and sound art. The chandelier was produced by Swarovski from polished crystals. It is over five meters tall and weighs approximately half a ton. Unfortunately the original light system integrated in the chandelier did not live up to the high standards required.

Ljusarkitektur solved the problem by creating a lighting design that highlights the chandelier’s scale by emphasizing its different layers. The internal volume is illuminated with a white, crisp light that makes the crystals shine and sparkle. The outer layer is illuminated with the same blue light that is repeated in Gallerian signs and logo. The lighting consists partly of LED lights integrated into the chandelier’s design and partly by metal halide spotlights placed in the ceiling above the crown. The new lighting consumes far less power than the previous halogen lighting. Meanwhile, the light is so strong that the chandelier is readily recognizable, even in bright daylight. At night, when ambient light is low, the crystal chandelier basks in its new light.


Category: Lighting of art work
Type of project: Commercial
Commission: Chandelier
Client: AMF / Gallerian
Partner: Swarovski
Sound design: Björn Hellström, Tyréns
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Clara Fraenkel
Status: Completed 2011