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Living Place Hamburg

Image this: You gently wake up to light that’s gradually brightening to a warm morning sun. The act of getting up switches on your favourite radio station and the coffee is ready just as you step out of the shower. The cyan light integrated into the furniture indicates that one of your best friends is online.

We are now entering a new era of digital lighting. What can this type of lighting do for intelligent ambient living environments? You can see the future of lighting in connection with social computing put to the test in the “Living Place Hamburg” at the University of Applied Science.



This 140-square-metre loft is a place for research on concepts of IT-based modern living. The apartment is fully equipped so that test subjects can stay overnight. Ljusarkitektur has equipped this laboratory with lighting in order to make it feel like a modern home and at the same time consider the different needs of future research programs.

The lighting scheme provides a combination of architectural lighting for wall washing or integrated low-level lighting, track lighting, and a few carefully chosen free-standing or pendant luminaires as featured elements. All fixtures can be programmed for a calm composition or dynamic lighting with optional colour changing. Ambience can reflect or react to people’s moods; it could carry also small pieces of information and create a new light language that conveys information to the people who live there.

Digital lighting is a powerful tool to create, enhance or change a particular ambience. Digital lighting can also carry pieces of information. But what happens when ambient lighting gets mixed with pieces of information? Will we feel overwhelmed? Can it help us manage our everyday life? Answers to these questions are still being discovered.

The University of Applied Science Hamburg welcomes new collaborations with other institutions and companies, large and small.


Category: Research and education
Type of project: Research
Commission: 140 m2 research apartment
Client: The University of Applied Science, Hamburg
Lighting design: Deike Ladwig, Paul Ehlert
Status: Completed 2011