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House of Sweden

House of Sweden, the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, opened in 2006. The embassy consists of public spaces on the ground floor with offices and living areas above. The architecture expresses openness by using glass of varying degrees of transparency, alongside wood that represents Scandinavian.

The exterior concept is that the building glows from within. Fixtures integrated into the façade provide light for the wood-effect screen-printed glass.

The interior light becomes part of the concept since it is visible from outside. The public areas on the ground floor have a perforated wooden ceiling that also glows with light. The shape of the perforations creates a cloud of light in the ceiling.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Embassy
Commission: 8000 m2 interior lighting and facade lighting
Client: National Property Board Sweden
Architect: Wingårdhs
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Eva Persson, Niklas Ödmann, Clara Fraenkel
Status: Completed 2006