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During 2009 Ljusarkitektur developed a lighting strategy for the centre of Karlshamn, Sweden. The strategy is intended to provide a common platform on lighting issues for the building committee, technical committee, municipal companies and owners of private property. The aim is to improve the quality of life of the people who live in and visit the city, to increase security, and to create better conditions for business.

The document includes a visual analysis of existing lighting, a definition of the urban structure during the dark hours that provides guidelines and lighting principles for the various parts of the town centre, and a program that recommends priorities and describes how the lighting process should proceed.

The Lighting strategy developed in consultation with governmental, municipal and private institutions was adopted in 2010.



Category: Strategic lighting design
Type of project: Public space
Comission: Lighting strategy
Client: Municipality of Karlshamn
Lighting design: Clara Fraenkel, Lina Färje, Niklas Ödmann
Status: Completed 2010