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Kfem K5 bild 1 - Photo: Patrik Helin K5 bild 3 - Photo: Patrik Helin K5 bild 2 - Photo: Patrik Helin K5 bild 4 - Photo: Patrik Helin K5 bild 5 - Photo: Patrik Helin


The Kfem building is the result of a recent architecture competition that aimed to create a department store that could bring new life to the commercial centre of Vällingby, one of the most famous Swedish 1950s suburbs.

The lighting design emphasizes the whiteness and lightness of the building. All lighting fixtures are hidden behind differently patterned white mesh, glass and canvas, playing on the different transparencies. 
Perforated metal ceilings also play with light and space. The light sources have a cool white temperature that brings out the whiteness of the interior and creates a subtle tension between the warm light of the shops and the daylight in the atrium.

Exterior lighting creates a strong visual during evening and night with a glowing façade. The milky glass of the façade becomes gradually translucent towards the top to reveal the red skin behind. Commercial signs are integrated into the design of the roof.

Kfem has been awarded Swedish Light Award 2008, Nordic Light Award 2010 and was honoured with a Special Citation at IALD 26th International Design Awards in New York 2009.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Retail
Comission: Exterior and interior lighting of public spaces
Client: Svenska Bostäder AB
Architect: Wingårdhs
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Clara Fraenkel
Awards: The Nordic Lighting prize 2010, The Swedish Lighting Prize 2008, Honourable mention IALD 26th Award 2009
Status: Completed 2008, ongoing upgrade