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Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet

Kungliga Biblioteket – Annexet

Stockholm’s National Library facilities does not only host a large collection of books and publications but also gives room for students and professionals to use their premises for research, studying and reading.

While the main building was built in 1877, an underground section called KB Annexet was built in the late 90’s, designed with a sole skylight and 3 floors below ground level. The renovation of the Annexet started in 2012 and we were responsible for the lighting design of all the underground facilities and, the new Café and wardrobe area in the main building.

Our lighting design concept aims to create a balance between the strongly daylit areas and the gloomy areas of the building. This was created by both maximizing the feeling of daylight along the building, which was achieved by combining electric light and daylight, having a smart control system and by highlighting vertical surfaces.

The lighting was designed to be integrated in the architecture and to be flexible to adapt to different user’s need and the different daylight qualities along the day and year.
The concept of lighting up vertical surfaces worked perfectly for this project, decreasing the high contrast between the skylight and the non-daylit areas inviting people to use the entirety of the space.

The quality, the direction, the rhythm and the colour of daylight are unique to a certain place and this can be reflected upon and responded to through electric light too. As the sole skylight was extremely important for the 3 floors below ground we decided to make a daylight analysis, calculating the daylight factor in all different levels to have additional information on the daylight situation.
As a reference value we said that rooms with DF below < 2% are considered gloomy and will need electrical lighting most of the time. This was a very useful tool to prove how crucial a good electric light planning was for this project, becoming a ground-breaking tool that supported our design all the way through the process. The control system (DALI-system), sensors and user interfaces were carefully designed in collaboration with the users and other consultants involved in the project. This creates an intelligent system, which automatically balances the electric lighting with the constantly changing daylight condition whilst also retaining a flexible but user-friendly interface. By having a great collaboration with the architects and electrical engineers, we succeeded in creating something that’s unique where light and materials blend into one in the continuity of the space. Facts:
Category: Architectural Lighting Design & Daylight design

Type of project: Public Building

Property owner: SFV
Lighting design: Isabel Villar
, Daniel Hodierne
Architect: Murman Arkitekter

Electrical consultant: Sweco Systems
Status: Completed 2013
Photos: Sten Jansin