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Lights in Alingsås Lights in Alingsås - Väveribron 1 - Photo: Enno Ladwig

Lights in Alingsås

The canal and bridges “Interweaving reflections”

Every year the town of Alingsås arranges a workshop for lighting design students, architects, urban planners and light enthusiasts. In 2010 a group of 10 students under the guidance of lighting designer Deike Ladwig took on the task of designing the space around the small bridge called Väveribron (which means weaving bridge).

In the course of just 5 days and 4 nights the space was explored and a concept created. Many trials and playful tests led to a rich installation that tells the story of the thread-colouring factory that was once here.

The installation is interactive, giving the visitor the chance to experience three different scenarios and changing the feeling of the space in terms of depth, symmetry/asymmetry and colour.

The students titled the installation “Interweaving Reflections.” It allows us to discover the spirit of the past and while exploring it you may find your own hidden memories come to life.


Category: Research and education
Type of project: Workshop
Client: Alingsås kommun/VIA Sweden
Workshop leader: Deike Ladwig
Students: Heester Claasen/RSA, Anna Ask/S, Katja Leszczynska/UK, Caroline Wigart/UK, Trine Arhei Knudsen/N, Adrian Svelokken Odegard/N, Kerstin Färlin/S, Jeffrey Parkman Carter/USA, Eirik Rismoen Sjaatil/N, Jane Hornseth /N
Commission: Landscape lighting
Status: Completed 2010