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Nordic Light hotel Nordic Light hotel

Nordic Light hotel

The lighting design at the Nordic Light Hotel is inspired by the way Scandinavian light changes through the day, as well as through the seasons.

The 2003 launch of the “Light Bed,” an upgrade of the existing lighting design, was at the time pioneering in its use of new LED-techniques. The bed, completely surrounded by light, gives the guest the possibility to change the ambiance according to their mood.

In 2006, the design in the lobby was upgraded using LED luminaires with improved properties of control, longevity, energy efficiency and the possibility of integrated solutions.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Hospitality
Comission: Interior
Client: Nordic Hotels
Architects: Rolf Löfvenberg, Jan Söder, Lars Pihl
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Claudia Kappl
Photo: Ljusarkitektur, Mikael Perlmutter, Lisa Brunnström
Awards: 1st prize for Interior Lighting Design “European Light Trophy” 2002
Status: Completed 2001, upgraded 2006