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Kiruna City Centre Kiruna City Centre Kiruna City Centre

Kiruna City Centre

Ljusarkitektur was part of one of the ten selected teams to participate in the competition for a vision for the new Kiruna. The competition has been implemented with the need that in the coming years downtown must be moved because of the degradation of mining works in the city.

Kiruna’s northern latitude gives unique lighting conditions for people to experience, live in, live with and relate to. Extreme variations in the availability of daylight and darkness during the year, long sunrises and sunsets with smooth transitions in light intensity and light colour, large seasonal variations in how nature reflects light and the auroral presence in the sky are all qualities that are closely tied with Kiruna’s identity and give special conditions for how the electric light should be presented.

Ljusarkitektur took a strategic approach to the assignment that will guide the city to develop its identity and the qualities that are related to the living conditions in Kiruna. The light is related to the experience of nature, to the city as a meeting place and as a place for change and to human biological needs of light.


Category: Strategic lighting design
Type of Project:Urban development
Assignment:Closed competition
Client:Municipality of Kiruna
Architect:70N, Ecosistema Urbano, Kristine Jensen Tegnestue, Atkins
Lighting design: Clara Fraenkel, Lina Färje, Isabel Villar, Nora Imaz
Name of proposal:”There is a crack in everything, that’s where the light gets in”
Status: Closed competition completed in 2012

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