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Örebro Castle Örebro Slott Main Entrance - Photo: Deike Ladwig Örebro Slott Canons - Photo: Deike Ladwig Örebro Slott Main Fassad - Photo: Deike Ladwig

Örebro Castle

Elegant in its simplicity, Örebro Castle naturally catches your eye when you come to the Swedish city.

It is located right in the heart of Örebro and is a historic symbol for the county. At night this symbol has been disappearing in heavy darkness, in contrast to the lively modern city.

As lighting designers, our task was to create a visual connection to the city and an emotional connection for the people. The castle should convey an atmosphere of security and intimacy, strengthening the cultural identity of Örebro.

Our vision was to create illumination that feels natural. However, the intention is not to go back to historical lighting but to find a new form of illumination that still feels authentic. Great consideration has been taken for environmental and maintenance issues.

Cooler white light on the beautiful stone facade contrasts with the warm light of the grand entrance, the windows and even the city lights. The castle seems to glow from the inside.

A variation happens every night at 11.30pm. While most lights are dimmed, two projectors create water ripple reflections on the facade, an atmosphere we call “active darkness.”

The new illumination creates a more positive, interesting and welcoming image of the castle and underscores its historic and symbolic importance.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Façade and public space
Comission: Façade lighting
Client: National Property Board Sweden
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Deike Ladwig
Status:Completed 2011