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PUB PUB shop lighting 03 - Photo: Klara Fraenkel PUB shop lighting 02 - Photo: Klara Fraenkel PUB dressing room 1 - Photo: Klara Fraenkel PUB cupola 4 - Photo: Klara Fraenkel PUB cupola 3 - Photo: Klara Fraenkel PUB dressing room 2 - Photo: Klara Fraenkel PUB cupola 2 - Photo: Klara Fraenkel PUB


PUB, the oldest department store in Sweden, was re-designed in 2008. From being a rather anonymous city galleria, PUB became a modern department store focused on fashion for a young, urban and internationally orientated target group. Lighting plays a significant role in the project in order to balance the historical roots with a modern, constantly changing content.

The continuous shop lighting system, repeated on every floor, is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different layouts. Thus different lighting designs enhances the fashion profile of each floor by having different schemes in the changing rooms and dressing lounges.

The lighting design concept for the cupola was developed to emphasize its role as an attractive centre point of the store. The architectural design allowed for an interesting play of light, shape and movement. By changing the colours, the intensities and the speed of the dynamics of the 500 RGB LED light fittings that are hidden in the construction, the cupola transforms into a living element that breathes light.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Retail
Comission: 10 000 m2 interior lighting and façade lighting.
Client: Atrium Ljungberg
Architect: BAU Architects
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Clara Fraenkel, Lina Färje, Paul Ehlert
Awards: Honourable Mention at Swedish Lighting Prize 2007.
Status: Completed 2009