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Riksbyggen’s head office Riksbyggen 1 Riksbyggen 3 Riksbyggen 5

Riksbyggen’s head office

Riksbyggen was a renovation of an entire floor, including meeting rooms and lounge areas. The goal was to give it a new, modern appearance. The lighting forms an integral part of the architecture. Uplighting using LEDs has been integrated into the perforated ceiling in the conference room while warm, white LED downlights with particularly good colour renedering are recessed into the ceiling for general lighting in lounge areas and conference rooms. The red feature walls are lit with wash light from a slot above the ceiling.


Category: Architectural lighting design
Type of project: Office
Commission: Meeting rooms
Client: Riksbyggen
Architect: Yellon
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Lina Färje
Status: Completed 2010