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Skånska Gruvan Skånska Gruvan - Photo: Lina Färje

Skånska Gruvan

Something magic is happening with Skånska Gruvan, one of the most imaginative buildings at Skansen outdoor museum. The building was erected for the Stockholm Exhibition of 1897, and this contemporary architectural light installation was created for the light festival “Djurgårdsljus 2010” which was open for the public for two weeks.

The concept was to create a story-telling illumination built around the existing architecture. Illuminating details like painted ornaments and reproducing them as projections on the façade triggered the imagination. This was achieved by using so called gobo-spotlights, where the light passes through a template A dynamic projection on the chimney gave a feeling of warm flames inside, and surrounding illuminated trees contrasted with the installation.


Category: Lighting of art work
Type of project: Light festival
Commission: Façade lighting
Client: Djurgårdshus
Lighting design: Lina Färje, Deike Ladwig
Status: Completed 2010