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Skylight II Skylight II Skylight II Skylight II Skylight II Skylight II

Skylight II

Commissioned by architect and artist Jeffrey Inaba and INABA INC, Ljusarkitektur designed the lighting of the wining competition project of the central art piece in the foyer of the new concert hall in Stavanger/NO.

The artwork – designed to a be a chandelier, representing the nordic light situation and change around – is featured with just integrated light, glowing and underlining the sculptural form. Only the interior elevation of the form should be washed in light while the outside be mirroring the surrounding interior facades of the concert hall.

Almost like a batch of sunrays spreading though the sky, the artwork breathes alive in a manmade architecture.
Distinct patterns under each day but also the whole year will reference to the seasons, specific daytimes as sunrise and sunset, and show related events as arrival, show calls, intermission and after hours. These different characters should be displayed in just nuances of white – emerging to very strong cold white as well as nearly glowing warm sunlight white.

Dynamic parts like breathing, crescending and descending rhythms and graphics emphasizing the connection to the natural pulse and sequences. All these scenes run on a schedule based pattern, but can be activated on demand.

Category: Lighting of artwork
Type of project: Cultural
Commission: Artwork
Artist: Jeffrey Inaba, Inaba INC
Client: Inaba INC, New York and KORO, Oslo
Architecture & Design: Inaba INC, Jeffrey Inaba, Alan Kwan
Animation design: Ljusarkitektur and MTWTF, New York
Lighting design: Kai Piippo, Paul Ehlert
Images: Ivan Brodey, Paul Ehlert
Status: Completed 2012