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Urban Green Urban Green

Urban Green

Urban Green is a conceptual installation that explores the connections between city, nature and culture. It raises questions about the city’s neglected spaces.

Through light, sound and scent a space is transformed, creating new contexts, meanings and possibilities that can be linked to social, cultural, aesthetical and spatial values. The street space above the bridge on Kungsgatan is a popular pathway that connects Kungsholmen to the centre of Stockholm. Under the bridge, a temporary passage between the city’s biotopes was created – an urban eco-duct.

Urban Green is a new concept for modern cities. It aims to offer people unexpected experiences through light, sound and scent in previously neglected areas. Through Urban Green, Ljusarkitektur wanted to show people how a sense of security in urban spaces can be greatly influenced by light and sound.

Through light and sound Ljusarkitektur created a positive atmosphere, which not only can transform a neglected area, but also encourage to social interaction and well-being.



Category: Light for art and temporary installations
Commission: Underpass
Client: Stockholm City
Sound design: Clas Torehammar, Tyréns, Björn Hellström, Urban Sound Institute
Ligting design: Isabel Villar, Joonas Saaranen
Status: Completed 2011