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By incorporating the qualities of daylight as well as electric light, we create space and identity that complements urban landscapes and architecture. Our designs always express an original idea and they are based on the Nordic design tradition, which means that we value natural simplicity, sensitivity and practicality.




Infrastructure solutions require a holistic approach that optimizes utility value and energy consumption whilst improving our visual surroundings. Our strategy has been used in both small and large scale infrastructure projects, and when designing lighting for bridges, tunnels and railway areas as well as roads.



Public lighting master plans and strategic lighting design helps bring coherence and structure to the visual environment in large- and small-scale areas. Working with governmental and municipal authorities, we develop plans which define the strategic goals for future lighting solutions and provide a practical tool for decision makers and developers to manage complex lighting projects and optimize total cost of ownership.

4930_Vialume1_MatsAndersson-03-1600x1600RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

Driven by a passion for improving our lighting environment, we take an active part in developing the field through research and development. We frequently contribute to R&D projects helping major lighting manufacturers improve their product performance and design. In order to share and exchange knowledge, we participate in events such as academic or industry